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Top AngularJS Interview Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Businesses can choose from a wide range of web development tools and platforms today, but there is a good reason why so many of them have flocked to AngularJS. HTML excels as a declarative language for static documents but fails miserably in web applications. HTML is the foundation of AngularJS user interfaces. However, AngularJS shines in this area. Single Page Applications are made using Angular, which was first introduced. The open-source code of the AngularJS web application framework is accessible.

It was created in 2009 by Google engineers to simplify front-end development. It has gained tremendous popularity because it gives beginners and developers everything they need to set up the front end of a single-page web application. It allows programmers to extend web application components using HTML syntax quickly and easily as an advanced language. It is an open-source framework that can be used to build complex single-page and dynamic web apps.

For building dynamic single-page web applications, or SPAs, like Netflix and PayPal, AngularJS is currently a leading framework. The AngularJS framework, backed by a robust grassroots community of developers and enthusiasts, makes programming more accessible. There need to be more competent developers in the market as AngularJS development demand is constantly increasing. Google creates numerous well-known AngularJS applications.

The skills required to be an excellent traditional web developer and those needed to be a good Angular JS developer are intermediate. This makes it more difficult for a recruiter to know what to look for when hiring an Angular JS developer, particularly without the right AngularJS interview questions. Not to worry—we’ve got you covered if you’re an IT recruiter who is having trouble with the same problem!

If you are having trouble finding experienced Angular JS programmers, you should contact a staffing firm specializing in placing web programmers.

They will have a better understanding of the necessary abilities and be able to help you identify the top candidates from their talent pool to build Google’s AngularJS applications. This post has listed some friendly AngularJS interview questions to help you hire and consider good Angular developers.

Whether they are a recent graduate or someone in a leadership position, these queries allow you to test the candidate’s background and knowledge.

AngularJS Interview Questions:

If you are looking for beginners to work on simple Angular projects that you already have, an interview would be the best choice. You can be a highly skilled programmer to create a fully functional website. As an IT recruiter, you should be prepared with a list of questions before interviewing a new AngularJS developer. However, asking questions also requires being aware of the basic skills expected of new students. We’ll review some Angular JS interview questions in this article, along with suggestions on how to answer them. The questions have different levels of difficulty for beginners and advanced.

Developer Skills for AngularJS:

You’ll also need to understand the fundamental abilities required of a new hire to frame the questions. The following are some of the most specific skills for AngularJS developers.

A profound understanding of the framework, one-way data binding, two-way data binding, directives, controllers in AngularJS, DOM elements, and its core concepts.

Writing readable and maintainable AngularJS code.

Excellent problem-solving skills.

Comprehensive understanding of standards and manners

Naturally, results may also vary depending on the expertise and experience of each developer.

However, the typical behaviour of a new AngularJS front-end developer is what you can expect. Before hiring an Angular developer, think about the following. Now that you know their qualifications, you can use the following AngularJS interview questions and responses to help you evaluate candidates.

Angular Basic Interview Questions and Answers:

AngularJS: What Are the Most Important Concepts?

This is one of the most crucial AngularJS interview questions because the answer will show how well-versed the applicant is in the language’s foundational ideas. Check whether the candidate addresses dependency injection, templates, HTML elements, and directive usage, as well as AngularJS’s two- and one-way data binding. Each of these ideas and benefits strengthens and improves the usability of AngularJS.

Dependency Injection: What is it?

AngularJS uses the dependency injection technique to provide the dependencies needed for the application components. In other words, AngularJS will take care of everything if you specify the dependencies you need rather than hard coding references to other lines of code. You can reuse components and easily modularize your code by removing the concern over how everything fits together.

In your opinion, what is the best way to structure an AngularJS mobile application?

The answer to this AngularJS interview question will depend on the specific application you are creating, so there is no one correct answer. However, a few general pointers can help you get going. You should be aware of the purpose of each element in your application. For instance, make sure that each component has a clear function and isn’t attempting to do too much. As a result, managing and understanding your code will be more straightforward. Another recommendation is to think about how the different components of your application will interact with one another.

How do you write AngularJS code? What are your best practices?

One of the best practices for writing Angular JS code is using the correct case for variables and identifiers. Controller names should be written in the camel case, services should be named in the Pascal case, and directive names should be written in the kebab case.

It’s also essential to name files correctly, which varies depending on the file type. If the applicant successfully answers this AngularJS interview question and is aware of these conventions, it will help to make their code more unified and easier to read.

Describe a time when you had to solve a complicated AngularJS problem. What were your steps?

You can use this AngularJS interview question to learn more about one of their past experiences, or you can even present a hypothetical situation and ask them to come up with a solution.

Knowing how well a candidate does these things will make it simpler for you to evaluate their capacity to come up with a solution, implement it, and assess its effectiveness.

You’ll be able to understand their capacity for making decisions and navigating unfamiliar or stressful situations.

Please provide me with an example of AngularJS code that is clean and maintainable.

This is the best query to use during an Angular JS interview to ascertain a developer’s coding style. Start by reviewing some of their earlier creations.

If they have never worked on a project before and are entirely new to it, you can give them a sample test to evaluate their practical knowledge and coding style.

In your opinion, what makes a great AngularJS developer?

An excellent AngularJS developer possesses a variety of traits, such as:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the concepts, expressions, applications, JavaScript framework, and filters in AngularJS.
  • The capacity to use the Javascript framework, watch expressions and propagate events to write clean, maintainable, and testable code.
  • Proficiency with Javascript, the DOM element, the ng-controller directive, AngularJS expressions, and MVC model view controller.
  • Strong debugging abilities, use of the factory method in AngularJS, the currency filter method, and comprehension of the ng and ng-app directives in AngularJS.

How Does AngularJS Represent the Services It Provides?

Numerous components use the services offered by Angular to complete their tasks. These tasks include managing databases, establishing network connections, and retrieving data and images. They handle all of the components’ operational tasks to avoid having to rewrite any code. Each element that uses a service can have it created once and then injected into it.

How does AngularJS interpolate?

To display values on the HTML template, AngularJS uses interpolation. Either static or dynamic values may be present. The double curly braces “{{ }}” are used to denote interpolation bindings. As an illustration, the HTML templates’ {{ name }}variable’s value will be shown when you type “name.” Similarly, the username will show the value of the “name” property of the “user” object.

In interpolation bindings, expressions can also be used. AngularJS will evaluate them and display the results. For instance, {{ 1 + 2 }} will show 3 on the HTML 

How does AngularJS work?

Single Page Applications are made using Angular, which was first introduced. This framework offers excellent scalability and maintainability while giving web applications structure and consistency. It expresses the components of your application using the syntax of HTML.

In AngularJS development, what is Compile?

In AngularJS, the Compiler service looks for attributes in the DOM. The process of compilation is divided into two steps. All directives must be collected by navigating the DOM to compile. As a result, a linking function develops.

In AngularJS development, what is the meaning of a Link?

The link function’s primary function is to apply special directives to DOM (Document Object Model) elements. When a custom directive’s link option is chosen, the DOM is updated, and a DOM listener is registered. In comparison, the Link links the assembled template to the scope. It is always carried out when the directive is used.

These are just a few traits of a top-notch AngularJS developer. If the candidate mentions some of these qualities, they may already be on their way to becoming a top AngularJS developer.

These are some of the most critical questions that will allow you to know the truth about a newcomer fully. If the candidate’s answers differ from what we have just said, even if they are, you have found your ideal candidate! Let’s move on to AngularJS interview questions that can be used to find candidates for management positions.

Experienced Developers’ AngularJS Interview Questions

When speaking to experienced candidates, you can cover a wide range of topics. Seniority is also associated with managerial responsibilities. You can determine a candidate’s proficiency in both areas by using the list of AngularJS interview questions that blend soft skills and hard skills.

How does AngularJS differ from other frameworks in terms of its unique features?

A software design pattern used to create web applications is called MVC. It is composed of the following:

  • Model: The initial level of the pattern in charge of keeping data. It is comparable to basic data types like strings, Booleans, numbers, and objects. Without any getter or setter methods, it is the most straightforward script.
  • View: In charge of displaying selected data to the user. They display the data in a specific format determined by the controller’s action.
  • Controller: Model and View interaction is managed by the controller. It responds to user input and communicates with the objects in the data model. The controller then carries out the operations after receiving and validating the information.

HTML’s user interface

HTML is the foundation of AngularJS user interfaces. A declarative language, it is elementary to understand and has shorter tags. Even the interface it offers is well-structured, streamlined, and organized.

Google has a lively community.

You always look for solid community support whenever you want to adopt a framework for development. This is another area where AngularJS excels. Why? Because Google maintains AngularJS. There are many forums where you can get your questions answered if you run into maintenance problems or get stuck somewhere.


Routing can be compared to the process of changing views. Currently, this is what distinguishes single-page applications from other types.

In single-page applications, everything is displayed on a single page. According to developers, users should not be directed to a different page every time they choose a menu item or submenu. The content should load asynchronously on the same page, but the developers only want the URL to change. The majority of websites employ this technique. The most effective illustrations of some of the more well-known platforms are Twitter and the Chrome App Store.

What are the challenges developers face when using AngularJS?

One-way developers can overcome the challenges they face when using AngularJS is by using the many online resources available. Many online sources, including blogs, forums, and other websites, can provide helpful information and support. Developers can also attend conferences and meetups focused on AngularJS to pick the brains of more experienced developers and start on the right foot.

No matter how challenging the project is, if your candidate knows how to look for solutions, they will only be stuck for a short time.

How does AOT Compilation work?

Before delivering them to the client, AOT converts HTML templates and components into JavaScript files. AOT provides greater security. To significantly improve performance, Angular added this brand-new feature.

What are the advantages of AOT?

  1. Your application renders it more quickly. The compilation, which was previously finished right before the rendering of the application view, is now finished beforehand, so it is evident that this is a success.
  1. With a smaller Angular framework, your application will be more minor. The compiler size (JIT or AOT) is comparable to that of Angular. Consider whether skipping the compilation at runtime would allow you to cut your costs in half. AOT does indeed give you that. 
  1. AOT can help you find errors more quickly. Using JIT will cause you to make some foolish mistakes that result in code that is technically flawed but still appears to function.
  1. Because all the HTML and CSS are precompiled, reverse engineering is also more challenging. Injection attacks and other malicious activities will be more difficult for hackers to carry out, making your IP safer.
  1. Angular components, modules, and services explained. 
  1. Components, modules, and services are just a few of the classes that use decorators. These decorators provide metadata that tells Angular how to use them and specify their type.
  1. The metadata for a component class links it to a template that defines a view. For Angular to modify the HTML before rendering it for display, standard HTML is combined with Angular directives and binding markup in a template.
  1. Angular requires the metadata for the service class to enable dependency injection (DI) and make a service class accessible to components.

How do Lifecycle Hooks work in Angular? Describe a few lifecycle examples.

The lifecycle hooks in Angular are a unique feature that allows us to “hook into” and run code at a specific component or directive lifecycle events.

When we create, modify, or remove, angular manages components and directives for us. As part of its lifecycle hook, each element in Angular goes through 8 stages. To be more precise, it is initialized first; then, the root is created and presented to its components. Each time a member is loaded throughout the application’s development and incremental updates, it is constantly examined.

Lifecycle hooks can be used in various ways, each with a distinct function. Among the most popular hooks are the following.

After the initialized component, this hook is called (ngOnInit). Any necessary final initialization tasks can be carried out using it.

This hook is invoked before the component is destroyed (ngOnDestroy). Any resources that need to be released after cleaning up can be done with it.

State-specific differences Between AngularJS and Angular2.


  • 2010’s release
  • Follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture
  • It was developed to help create web-based applications
  • Runs only client-side
  • Ng-app functions are used to launch the AngularJS bootstrap.


  • 2016’s release
  • Adheres to the Service/Control architecture, which is a component-service architecture
  • Runs on both the client and the server sides
  • The module() function is utilized for bootstrap initialization.

In Angular, explain string interpolation.

In Angular, string interpolation is used to create string values from template expressions. The directive receives value from the directive after the template expression makes it.

How does Angular Property Binding work?

One-way data binding is one of its subtypes. Property binding makes it simpler to set values for the attributes of HTML elements or directives. Similarly, a DOM element’s property must be linked to a field designated as a property in the TypeScript code for our component. Property binding enables asynchronous path setting, value sharing, and button functionality for features.

In what ways are Angular Expressions different from JavaScript Expressions?

Angular Expressions

  • It is an open-source framework that can be used to build complex single-page and dynamic web apps.
  • JavaScript is used in the code that powers AngularJS.
  • It has easy-to-understand syntax.
  • Filters are used
  • A framework for creating applications, AngularJS is based on the MVC architectural pattern.
  • Data binding and dependency injection are both supported by AngularJS.

JavaScript Expressions

  • This object-oriented scripting language is used when creating apps, specifically for mobile and dynamic web platforms.
  • Its interpreters are created using the C and C programming languages.
  • Compared to AngularJS, its syntax is much more challenging to comprehend.
  • The filters are not supported.
  • Its foundation is the idea of dynamic typing.
  • It does not support the mechanism for dependency injection.

How do you obtain your tech news?

You also need to take into account the candidate’s level of updating. By posing this Angular interview query, you can determine a candidate’s dedication to staying up-to-date with trends.

By selecting a candidate with solid expertise and a commitment to constant learning, they can be sure they will bring their best efforts to bear when creating Angular applications and the Angular framework.

What’s the difference between AngularJS and other frameworks?

Developers should consider AngularJS’s features:

  • Real-time app evaluation
  • Simplifies Architectural Hassles
  • Efficient MVC use
  • Template Usage
  • Encourage Google


Some AngularJS interview questions tested a candidate’s management and problem-solving skills. However, some of the trickier AngularJS interview questions will assist you in comprehending the angular application’s theoretical and actual implementation facets.

If you ask the right questions before hiring an AngularJS developer, you will be able to obtain the necessary AngularJS operators; it is that simple.

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