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Top 10 Remote Development Companies

It can be challenging to get remote work as a developer. Working for an organization that appreciates the importance of remote employees is essential, and you want to be sure that they will support and promote your preference for working remotely.

Top 10 Remote Development Companies

Only a few positions can provide significant flexibility, a friendly workplace, and acceptable workloads if you’re a developer seeking a chance to work from home.

You presumably want a good list of businesses that provide remote employment if you’re reading this. However, most of the listings are out of current or contain positions that are not remote.

In light of this, you will discover a list of actual businesses in this post that occasionally hire remote engineers. Additionally, you will find out what these businesses do and how they compare.

What Advantages Do Remote Jobs Offer?
Working from home is becoming more and more common. It provides a degree of adaptability, independence, and freedom unavailable in other employment settings. Additionally, working remotely can foster greater productivity and creativity.

1. Remote work saves time
Remote workers can arrange their schedules because they don’t have to spend time traveling to and from the office. Additionally, several individuals work better at specific times of the day. One person might prefer the mornings while another finds the evenings more productive. It doesn’t care what time of day you work as long as you meet deadlines.

2. Working remotely is calm and peaceful.
In general, offices can be disruptive due to noise and other distractions. They can certainly be productive areas, but they are frequently anything from peaceful. Working remotely enables you to get away from the daily grind and find a relaxed setting where you can focus. Having peace and solitude throughout the workday might help you be more productive, motivated, and less stressed, whether or not you decide to work from home.

3. Working remotely can be healthy and fulfilling.
You may not live as correctly as you might if you commute daily and work in an office. Remote programmers are frequently more content, healthy, and effective. A critical factor in this was the flexibility to make decisions on one’s own and accept the responsibility of working remotely.

4. Working remotely can help you achieve a work-life balance.
The secret to striking a healthy work-life balance is to plan your day wisely and ensure you give ample time to both work and home responsibilities. More work is produced by developers who feel a sense of accomplishment.
The ability to take a break when necessary is another advantage.
More time with the family.
Not having to rush to catch a train or wait in traffic.

5. Customizing your office is made possible by working remotely.
Working remotely allows you to do so whenever and wherever you want. You have the freedom to create your office building and decorate it however you desire. Your favorite photographs, artwork, plants, or anything else that makes you happy can help create a truly inspired workstation. Making your workspace unique and inspiring is the main goal here. Nobody has the right to judge your tastes.

What Remote Companies Are the Best for Developers?

The revolution of remote work is well underway, and the most acceptable organizations for remote work are frequently discussed online.

This post gives you a list of the top 10 businesses where developers can work remotely. Although not comprehensive, this list should serve as a decent place to begin your search for your future employer.

1. Intergiro
A single platform called Intergiro offers multi-currency bank accounts, card issuing, and card acquisition throughout Europe. Through their services, anyone may incorporate banking features into their website or mobile application, opening up possibilities for brand-new and cutting-edge product experiences. For its personnel, Intergiro offers both hybrid and entirely remote choices. They are dedicated to creating a remote-friendly business and helping their employees have an easier, more enjoyable, and more satisfying time at work. Despite being a remote-first business, the organization has hubs in opulent coworking facilities in Poland, Sweden, Spain, and Portugal. These coworking spaces’ accessibility has made Intergiro more appealing to people who wish to collaborate with others who share their interests.

2. Automattic
The most well-known product of Automattic, Inc., a software firm, is unquestionably WordPress. Based in San Francisco, California, they are. WordPress, WooCommerce, Tumblr, and several other web services are all owned by Automattic. The remote-first work atmosphere that Automattic has long had has been the focus of several articles. Automattic emphasizes flexibility, autonomy, and a healthy work-life balance with available vacation days, paid sabbaticals every five years, and substantial parental leave. The company has employees in 96 countries.

3. Zapier
A web program called Zapier automates and makes connections across apps. A user may quickly develop workflows and put custom automatizations into place to make their work more efficient by using Zapier. Since its founding in 2011, Zapier has operated entirely remotely and has over 200 teammates spread across more than 24 nations. With a flexible vacation policy and a profit-sharing program, the company rewards employees who appreciate autonomy and employee ownership of their work. The business also organizes twice-yearly all-company getaways to foster team spirit across the distance.

4. InVision
Since its founding, InVision, a software business specializing in collaborative design tools, has tried to establish itself as a trusted name in remote work. A yearly fund for self-development, generous allowances for new hires to completely outfit their home offices, and office refreshment funds every two years for current employees are just a few ways that InVision inspires its staff across the globe.

5. Abstract
The abstract is a web application made specifically for designers and developers to foster cooperation on web and mobile projects. Over 7,000 design teams have currently registered for the platform. Although they are presently situated only in the United States, Abstract is a remote-first business with 80% of its personnel working remotely. The establishment of four-day workweeks, in addition to unlimited paid time off and a variety of other benefits, such as pet insurance and flexible work schedules for carers, demonstrate the company’s commitment to its employee’s work-life balance.

6. Trakstar
Trakstar is a software package that enables human resources departments in businesses to effectively manage and track their personnel from the hiring process through employee retention. Trakstar, a remote-first company, recruits people from all over the world and offers a variety of outstanding benefits to its global workforce. These perks include flexible employee leave policies, many resources for their staff’s professional growth, and bonuses and cash payments.

7. Doist
Doist is a software firm specializing in productivity tools and apps with the mission of offering software solutions that assist individuals in achieving their objectives. Doist employs a remote workforce with no geographic restrictions. Doist also allows traveling out to the mentor’s location for a week to work side by side with a teammate at the commencement of employment to facilitate easier onboarding for newly-onboarded employees. Additionally, the employer pays for the employee’s preferred coworking location, and money is set aside for business-related services, professional growth, and gear.

8. Fantastic
With an emphasis on supplying complete platforms for mobile-first e-commerce, Fantastic is a firm that offers a platform for brands, e-commerce, and mobile-focused startups to create mobile-first experiences. The Fantastic crew is dispersed globally and prioritizes remote work. The business provides benefits, including three company get-togethers annually and an annual five-day retreat for team-building. Outside of these gatherings, Fantastic provides accommodating work schedules and a sizable work stipend.

9. Stripe
Companies utilize the platform Stripe to gather and process payments. It enables entrepreneurs to build a website or app with a checkout flow that integrates with their Stripe account and manages customer transactions. Can utilize this for one-time payments and ongoing invoicing, such as with subscriptions. When it came to introducing remote and hybrid working arrangements, Stripe was in the lead, hiring its first group of remote-only engineers back in 2013. The company provides flexible work schedules, parental leave, and a monthly wellness allowance.

10. Twitch
With more than 5 million active users each month, Twitch is a market leader in live streaming and video game broadcasting. The business has offices in nine nations, with its main headquarters in San Francisco, California. Although employees must still be stationed close to one of Twitch’s offices, the company is remote-friendly. It offers flexible paid time off, benefits for commuting, and monthly wellness contributions for employees.

A conclusion

It can be difficult and time-consuming to hire developers or to prepare to hire them remotely. These businesses assist corporations in increasing sales by connecting them with highly qualified remote workers.

Many excellent resources are available to assist you in getting started with remote work, a growing trend in the technology sector. You can also use this to discover a career that complements your personality and lifestyle. Please spread the word about this post if you found it exciting or learned something new.

It used to be that only a select few businesses chose to use remote development teams. Hiring remote development teams is currently the most popular trend due to the rapid advancement of technology and the unexpected increase in remote work caused by the pandemic.

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