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Top 10 React JS Developer Skills to Screen While Hiring

React is a popular JavaScript library that specializes in specialized areas of projects. React’s reusable components enable you to create aesthetically beautiful web applications. Customization for tab bars, templates, pop-up models, tables, or anything else can prevent you from working on the same item twice. This article states that ReactJs can improve an application’s overall functionality and that a React developer needs to be familiar with some of the most in-demand talents.

Top 10 React JS Developer Skills to Screen While Hiring

A front-end developer is one of the most important hires for any business looking to increase its online presence. Their coding skills, UX sensibility, and ability to work collaboratively with your technology and design teams can impact how customers view your business. One of the most well-liked client-side programming frameworks is React, a JavaScript library. Finding the best React JS developer requires being able to evaluate their top skills.

Therefore, employers are searching for the best React JS developer with specialized and effective talents. Technical recruiters can find themselves in a bind when they don’t receive applications with a strong background and pertinent skill set.

The hiring process for the React developer role entails several complex and drawn-out processes. What actions should you do to locate the ideal React developer for your business? See our in-depth recruitment guide for assistance in finding the ideal React professional for your team.

Fortunately, this tutorial will show you how to evaluate a ReactJS developer’s main talents before hiring them. We’ve separated the necessary hard and soft skills for React JS developers into categories for your convenience. Let’s start with the technical skill set, also known as the hard skills.

Top 7 Technical React JS Developer Skills for Hiring

The following seven React JS developer skill sets should be aggressively sought by every hiring manager:

1. HTML and CSS
HTML and CSS are essential abilities if you want to hire a React front-end developer. The candidate’s proficiency with these client-side technologies provides insight into their capacity to design and work with highly intuitive, value-packed user interfaces (UIs). The skill set of a React JS developer can indirectly influence the same, given that UIs now play a significant part in evaluating how valuable and high-quality an application is judged to be. At a minimum, the candidate should be able to use and create HTML tags and CSS selectors and have a working knowledge of the box model.

React’s the simplicity of usage is among the most understandable reasons to adopt it. React combines essential JavaScript and HTML concepts with some helpful additions. You still need to try learning how to use the React library, just like other tools and frameworks. You might not code in HTML using react because you might need an add-on. This add-on is known as JSX. React’s other devices are crucial in the development process as well.

2. Fundamentals of JavaScript
One of the critical competencies needed for ReactJS developers in JavaScript. You will need to assess their understanding of JavaScript principles such as code structure, variables, data types, operators, functions, loops, switch statements, objects, primitives, boolean, arrays, and more. Giving these concepts the weight they deserve is essential because they are foundational to JavaScript and can also be used when writing ReactJS code. Therefore, if their background knowledge is solid, their ability as a React JS developer would be as well.

3. JavaScript ES6
add a good grasp of ES6 to a React developer’s skill set and a working knowledge of JavaScript’s fundamentals (ECMAScript 2015 or ECMAScript 6). The developer can create and manage web applications under your needs, thanks to this more recent version of JavaScript. Scoping variables, array methods, arrow functions, DOM manipulation, event handling, high-order functions, call-back functions, the “this” keyword, and other talents are among the most in-demand React JS Developer skills for ES6.

4. JSX (JavaScript XML)
Since we’re already talking about JavaScript and how crucial it is for React developers to have, JSX also merits special attention. A JavaScript syntax extension called JSX enables more ergonomic coding. Developers proficient in JSX and ReactJS can quickly code and include HTML/XML elements in React. With this information, React developers may also create applications that use React APIs, which would otherwise be a laborious job. JSX is used to improve app scalability while also speeding up and streamlining app development without adding complexity to the code.

5. Node + npm
If you’re specifically seeking a ReactJS full stack developer with the necessary expertise, Node can be a must. Back-end development would be handled by Node, while React might take front-end development. The MERN stack, which consists of MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, is the ideal illustration of a full-stack environment. Additionally, developers can immediately React codes in the Node environment and vice versa, further enhancing their compatibility. Understanding Node can be especially helpful because React is used in server-side and client-side scripts.

6. Redux
One of the most problematic aspects of React programming is asynchronous state updates. And because of this, knowing how to use Redux effectively becomes one of the essential talents for ReactJS developers. A developer may control and preserve React’s library thanks to Redux, a built-in state. Scalability-focused developers utilize it for state management. Redux enables the developer to create apps that act consistently, are simple to test, and perform similarly in many situations by incorporating functional programming concepts and immutability.

7. Git
Nearly all sorts of developers, even aspiring developers, are familiar with the Git platform. Git is a distributed version control system that is free and open-source and may use to meet any development needs. Its effectiveness and speed will be advantageous for both little and big projects. Git enables developers to easily control changes to software, scripts, webpages, papers, and other materials related to the creation of software and applications. Professional developers must have a GitHub profile if they are part of a team because it facilitates better project management.

Git speeds up the coding process for React developers by effectively developing codes using frameworks for Reactjs-based web applications. Git can assist Full Stack Developers who want to keep track of even the tiniest modification made to the application codebase. You must be well-versed in the basic Git commands and examples. Using Git by reacting developers opens up new security, productivity, and management possibilities. React developers with a unique experience with Git and the react library functionalities can communicate and work together more effectively on projects on the same platform.

Top 3 React JS Developer Soft Skills to Screen When Hiring

The technical abilities necessary for vetting ReactJS developers are complete now; therefore, let’s look at some soft talents that must assess:

  • Outstanding Communication
    Communication is essential to the app development process internally within the team and externally with stakeholders. The ReactJS developer would frequently interact with a group of people with varying levels of technical and non-technical exposure in such circumstances. To involve everyone in the development process, comprehend project needs, communicate those objectives to team members, share progress updates, etc., the developer should have strong communication skills.
  • Approach to Solving Issues
    The developer’s problem-solving method is influenced by logical thinking, reasoning, and comprehension. The project’s success is determined by how they move from recognizing the issue to postulating a fix; each phase depends on the individual’s problem-solving methodology and skills.

Similar to how unintentional errors may occur during development, this competence is tested when the developer must address them while coming up with and identifying workable solutions. So it would be best if you had someone who isn’t scared to think outside the box, who isn’t afraid to make errors, and who is willing to learn from them.

  • Capacity for Teamwork
    Developers of ReactJS are not lone wolves prowling the wilderness. Even the most independent people with perfect full-stack React developer skills will need to collaborate with other team members like the product owner, tester, designer, etc. They must therefore possess a personality that enables them to work with others and contribute to the group’s success. Their technological expertise and experience are useless if they cannot collaborate with others.

How can React developer skills be verified throughout the hiring process?

Technical or “hard” skills are job-specific competencies needed to finish a task. Can develop these skills through education, seminars, training, and certifications.

Soft skills focus more on a person’s ability to communicate with others. By their very nature, they are hard to quantify or measure. We can evaluate a candidate’s interpersonal and cultural fit with the firm using soft skills. Some of the essential soft skills for a React developer include the ones listed below:

  • Ability to communicate clearly
  • Team works Creativity
  • Being open to criticism


If you use the checklist above when assessing a React JS developer’s talents, you’ll find a gem of a developer eager to be employed. To sum up, you require someone with a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JSX, Git, Node + npm, and Redux, in addition to a fundamental understanding of JavaScript + ES6. In addition to having a solid technical skill set, you should look for React JS developers that are also excellent communicators, problem solvers, and team players. Call the candidate’s bluff, do some homework and learn some tech jargo.

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