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Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks for Developers

You will be surprised to know that the first impression of the website depends on its design by 94%. That`s why nowadays companies tend to prioritize website design and graphics along with content. In order to make the visitors stay on the website and read the content, the website design should be accessible and attractive enough. 

Web development companies opt for frontend frameworks like Angular and React to create quick, easy-to-use user interfaces. Using advanced AngularJS features, the developers create a wide range of web solutions, from gaming apps to single-page apps.

If you are looking for a guide on what is AngularJS?  How does it work? Which will be the best framework for Angular? This article is a solution to all your queries regarding Angular JS and its top 10 frameworks that companies use to improvise their website. 

AngularJS is a structural framework that is written in JavaScript. Google created and maintains AngularJS, an open-source front-end development tool. AngularJS is useful for client-side application testing and development.

Front-end developers create engaging websites by using appealing designs and one-of-a-kind graphics. Front-end frameworks such as AngularJS are used by developers to create functional, appealing, and interactive user interfaces.

AngularJS assists developers in the creation of single-page applications as well as dynamic, progressive web applications. Developers can use AngularJS to create expressive and readable web pages quickly.

It is much easier to create robust and modern web applications with AngularJS. There are several frontend frameworks for AngularJS that can help to streamline tasks and increase efficiency.

The List of Top 10 Angular Frameworks for Developers 

These frameworks include numerous built-in web components, and by combining them with AngularJS, developers can quickly build an application from the ground up in much less time. There are numerous such frameworks, and selecting one for your project can be difficult. Using these frameworks, developers can add magic to their websites. 

Best AngularJS Frameworks for Developers

1. Mobile Angular UI 

The Mobile Angular UI is a framework that allows developers to create HTML5 mobile apps with the fantastic collaboration of two: Bootstrap and AngularJS. As a mobile UI framework, it provides essential mobile components and robust libraries. Switches, sidebars, overlays, scrollable areas, and top/bottom navigation bars are all part of the web development tools 

The Mobile Angular UI makes it simple to create a mobile application using simple AngularJS directives. The UI follows the Bootstrap 3 syntax, which makes it easier to convert a desktop web application to a mobile one. The bundle includes a small CSS file for a fully responsive touch-enabled UI for mobile applications.

Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks for Developers

2. Ionic 

The ionic is one of the best open-source web development angular frameworks that work as cross-platform for the development of hybrid mobile applications for iOS and android versions.  It demands smooth Angular JS programming to perform at its best level and assist in simplifying front-end designing strategies.  

Ionic is here to assist developers in the conversion of powerful HTML5 applications to mobile platforms. Cordova, Phonegap,, and ElectronJS are among the technologies supported by Ionic. Ionic builds high-performing native and hybrid applications with AngularJS, directives, extensions, and other components This paves the way for the creation of simple AngularJS mobile applications.

Bet Angular Framework

3. Angular material  

Angular Material is a well-furnished UI library led by Google with all essentials for Angular projects. Angular Material assists Angular developers in creating clear, consistent, and interactive user interfaces. It is an Angular CSS framework with templates, admin dashboards, and over 30 UI components.

AngularJS Material includes tools such as typography, buttons, checkboxes, and themes. The AngularJS material library allows developers to create web apps that adhere to the best methods in design, device independence, and browser portability.  For anyone who adores UI/UX design for their web development undoubtedly this framework is best to work on. 

Angular UI Bootstrap

4. Angular UI Bootstrap 

Bootstrap is the most distinguished front-end development platform, and its legacy has been passed down to other JavaScript frameworks as well. As the name implies, AngularUI Bootstrap was created at the pinnacle of the Bootstrap platform and incorporates all of the highlights and capacities that Bootstrap has given local HTML coding.

To function, Bootstrap requires jQuery. Using Bootstrap with AngularJS directly conflicts with some of Angular’s functions. Using Angular UI Bootstrap eliminates the need for jQuery, allowing you to use Bootstrap functions within AngularJS code.

The Angular UI Bootstrap framework is based on CSS-based AngularJS directives and includes some Bootstrap markup elements. The Angular UI Bootstrap framework is based on CSS-based AngularJS directives and includes some Bootstrap markup elements.

Angular UI Router

5. UI Grid 

Without any dependencies on jQuery, it is completely designed in the AngularJS script. This angular JS framework is formerly known as ng grid. 

This framework revolves around a central grid module, and all of its features are available as Angular directives and modules. It is an Angular UI Suite component, similar to Angular UI Bootstrap, and is used to display data in grids for AngularJS apps.

Its developers can use this framework to work with and manage large and diverse data sets using grid features like grouping, sorting, virtualization, filtering, exporting, paging, column pinning, editing in place, row expanding virtualization, and internationalization. 

best angular framework

6. LumX

LumX is a front-end framework based on Google Material Design. It adheres to Google’s guidelines and facilitates developers to create user interfaces that adhere to Google’s guiding principles. While designing the UI, LumX it easier to beat  Google algorithms.

LumX builds websites using the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern and AngularJS. LumX relies on jQuery to improve web application performance. LumX is a Sass preprocessor that uses technologies such as Bourbon and Gulp to improve customization and performance.

7. Superionic 

Supersonic is a hybrid UI framework based on Ionic. Supersonic combines web components with JavaScript and CSS to create native AngularJS and HTML5 user interfaces.

Supersonic includes mobile-first CSS components as well as Native UI components with CSS styling. The declarative UI makes it simple to integrate APIs into web application components. Because UI changes do not require recompilation, using Supersonic speeds up development and design.

It’s also known as an agnostic framework that helps to simplify HTML apps and works well with AngularJS. This framework works in tandem with AppGyver, and the majority of the API will not work in a mobile site or Vanilla Cordova app.

8. Radian 

Radian is an AngularJS framework that is scalable, dynamic, powerful, and robust. Designers and developers can use Radian to embed plots directly into HTML-based web pages. Radian adapts HTML elements to create plots and graphs based on parameters.

Radian implements HTML elements using the AngularJS framework. Radian uses the D3.js plotting library to bind the HTML and JavaScript attributes. SVG elements are rendered by browsers to display plots on web pages.

Radian is a dynamic, powerful, and robust framework built on Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD).

The reason its web developers prefer to use this framework is because of its ability to produce applications with complex functionality and progressive features in less time. It supports JADE, SAAS, and CoffeeScript files. There is a limit set up between JavaScript factors and HTML components to empower the greatest originality.

9. Suave UI

Suave UI is a simple and easy framework for developing user interfaces for web applications using AngularJS. Suave UI includes CSS definitions for colorful buttons, layered elements, grids, forms, and more.

Suave UI includes a component library for designing the user interface as bundled files. The developer’s efforts to include individual components are reduced as a result. To include all of the components at once, use a single Bower command.

Best angular framework 2023

10. Angular foundation 

Angular Foundation is a cutting-edge front-end framework. Angular Foundation is a collection of frameworks used to create websites, applications, and emails for all platforms.

Angular Foundation is useful for creating websites with semantic HTML components. The Angular Foundation framework is adaptable, customizable, and easy to read.

Which AngularJS framework is the best for you?

Deciding the appropriate AngularJS framework for website development, you have to consider your goals, needs and targeted audiences. 


With clever frameworks and skilled developers, diverse web application development is possible. AngularJS frameworks are versatile in their application and can be used to create a rich user experience for web applications by utilising Angular components.

Every framework in this Angularjs framework list is designed to simplify a specific aspect of Angular web development. You can use one or more of the frameworks on the list depending on the needs of your project. 

Feeling sucked that which framework suits your web structure best?  

SourceBae is here to assist you in developing your dream website.  Stand out from the crowd of millions of websites by choosing the best framework.


AngularJS makes use of which framework?

AngularJS makes it easier to build robust and modern web apps. There are various front-end frameworks for AngularJS available to reorganize tasks and increase efficiency. AngularJS frameworks that offer various inbuilt web components include Ionic, Mobile Angular UI, Lumx, UI Bootstrap, Supersonic, Angular foundation, UI grid, Radian, Protractor, and Suave UI, to name a few.

How do I get AngularJS and install it?

AngularJS allows you to expand your web application’s HTML vocabulary. To download AngularJS, we need the tools needed to set up an AngularJS development environment. They are the AngularJS library, the editor/IDE, the browser, and the web server.

What is the purpose of Angular JS?

Many websites use Angular JS for the development of user-friendly web apps. If you want to develop a weather application, a user-review application, eCommerce platforms, a travel app, a social app, a video-streaming app, or a user-generated content portal, AngularJS will help you build robust web applications with a premium user experience.

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