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Angular Developer Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities

Whenever managers look forward to hiring potential candidates, they should research thoroughly from top to bottom and be sure of that aspect. This article will provide a detailed outlook on Angular Developer Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities so that you feel more confident and aware of the skills that you need to. 

The IT industry is constantly changing. Every year there are dozens of new updates in frameworks, tools, and even programming languages. However, there are some frameworks and tools that are relevant years after their release. Angular is one of those frameworks.

Many popular web applications are built with Angular and these sites are thriving. But programming languages ​​and frameworks aren’t the only things that make these websites. Angular developers have carefully built these web applications. 

Before discussing skills, roles, and responsibilities, you must have a basic understanding of Angular and its scope in today`s striving world and why business need one Angular developer in your team.

Overview of Angular in Web Development 

Angular is an open-source framework used by developers to create client-side web applications. These web apps are built using TypeScript. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, a popular scripting language many developers are familiar with. If a developer already knows JavaScript, it’s easy to migrate to her TypeScript for Angular front-end web development.

A web app front-end experience is essential. Apps and services rely on users being able to use them quickly, easily, and comfortably. It’s important to give the user a feel of her web application as opposed to the backend. A web app should be able to perform all functions at the user’s convenience.

Angular helps developers provide this frictionless front-end development. Its main function is to reconstruct the front-end development progress. The front end allows you to showcase the look and feel of your website. As such, it includes the entire website that a user views and interacts with. This is how Angular can be used to create live animations, imaginative graphics, and navigation menus.

The Advantages of Angular for Business Are

1. Angular uses design patterns

Angular is more than just a web app creation tool. It also provides design patterns to make your project easier to maintain. This way your application doesn’t get bogged down in a mess of classes and methods. This makes application changes and event testing difficult. You can prevent this by structuring your code conveniently. This is a feat provided by Angular.

2. Convenient to work 

Angular uses TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript. This convenience eliminates the need for developers to learn a new language. Programming experience in JavaScript can be easily transferred to TypeScript. And with Angular, you don’t have to start over.

It already comes with many tools that you can use to start working on your project right away. The framework has directives that make HTML elements behave dynamically. A Form Control can also be used to activate a form.

3. Mobile and desktop-ready

Angular is a cross-platform framework. It is designed to be flexible and not restricted by browsers. This means you can develop web apps that work on multiple platforms. No need to have different frameworks for mobile and desktop. You can have one for both. Anyone who has dabbled in compatibility testing across browsers and devices will appreciate this! 

We are sure that the above points have to blow your mind and give you a clarity about need of angular experts 

Now, let’s move forward to know more about who are angular developers and what are the roles and responsibilities of developers.

Who is an Angular Developer?

Angular developers are skilled JavaScript developers that possess a deep understanding of theoretical concepts in angular software engineering, they work closely with the client’s software end which is the core activity of a developer. Using Angular Java Coding, Angular engineers specialise in creating Single Page Applications (SPAs).

In addition, an angular developer works with module creation and connects them to develop fundamental software also, they never forget to check on the interactive front end of several web and mobile applications. Hence there are multiple skills that an angular developer requires to successfully perform their role and carry out their responsibilities. 

Angular Developer Responsibilities: 

  • Front-end building
  • RESTful APIs building
  • Bug fixing
  • Unit testing
  • Working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Working with external APIs and data sources

As a result, the demand for angular developers has skyrocketed in recent times. Now let us understand more in detail about the Angular developer responsibilities.

  • Creating a completely functioning front-end web or mobile application that ensures high performance on both mobile and laptop.
  • Build reusable and testable modules and components that enable saving up time consumption
  • Coordinate and strike a balance between the team of developers, HTML coders, and graphic designers to carry on the tasks efficiently.
  • Maintaining close contact with external web services to build strong communications.
  • Deep theoretical and practical knowledge of NodeJS and ReactJS and staying proficient with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Perform unit testing and debugging once done with the development phase to ensure bug-free applications.
  • Cooperating with back-end developers while building RESTful APIs

Though these are common Angular developer responsibilities, there are no straight-lined rules that an angular developer should perform all of the mentioned tasks as these can be determined by the experience and expertise level of the candidate as well as the company’s requirements. 

Skills you need to look for in an Angular developer:

As an angular developer needs to wear multiple hats here are some essential angular developer skills you need to look for

1. HTML and CSS: HTML and CSS are some essential basic skills of any developer. An experienced developer with expertise in HTML and CSS can refine them to produce quality output as expected by the client’s requirement. 

Knowledge of markup language helps to get a firm understanding of element interaction and positioning. 

2. Core JavaScript: JavaScript is like the foundation of a building, by having a clear understanding of JavaScript a developer can work with ease in other frameworks as JavaScript is the core of many application frameworks.

Expertise in core JavaScript makes a developer grounded with the essentials of the smooth running of the application.

3. Unit Testing & Debugging: It’s quite common for any developer to encounter errors and bugs but only a good developer will be able to run tests and find the bug, additionally, he also knows how to fix them in no time.

As angular developers already have other responsibilities to be carried out they should maintain accuracy while developing code and should have the ability to find error quickly before it becomes widespread. This ensures the smooth running of the applications. 

4. Interactive designs: No matter how good the content is, it is the design that catches the eye of the user and attracts them to the product. Hence a good angular developer must work tirelessly to build a responsive design that can enhance user experience. 

5. RxJS: An important skill of an Angular developer when designing an app is thinking about how to handle data.

The RxJS library provides reactive streams found in many modern frameworks such as Angular.

RxJS (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript) is a reactive programming library for building asynchronous and event-based programs using observable sequences. RxJS is a library that allows working with observables in Angular applications. An Observable represents zero or more values ​​that can be returned immediately or in the future. RxJS allows for far more flexibility, better error handling, and simplified asynchronous functions than promised.

RxJS is great to use when you want an asynchronous workflow, but don’t want to clutter your code with detailed behind-the-scenes work.

6. Git: Git is a powerful tool that you can use to track changes in your project.

It also notifies you when something in your code is deleted or changed, giving you peace of mind when working on complex projects where many people are collaborating remotely via email threads. 

Best place? No additional software is required. Developers just need to install the one provided on the website (with source control, of course). A progress-tracking tool like Tara makes things easier. Such tools are easy to use and integrate directly with Git, making it easier to manage your workload.

Git is the best way to work with applications using source control. Git is one of the most important Angular developer skills that help you create new features and coding practices.

GIT makes it easy to revert when things go wrong. With Git, you don’t have to worry about losing progress because every crazy idea gets a boost while everything works fine.

7. npm: npm is the primary tool for installing, discovering, publishing and developing thousands of client node programs.

 This generic JavaScript framework is found in several modules of different projects.

In the constantly changing IT world, having a developer who understands Npm can help you adapt to updates and changes as your application evolves. As change is inevitable, your applications need to be updated as per the trends to survive in the market. 

What more to expect in Angular Developer Skill apart from technical expertise 

  • Knowledge of current technologies like Webpack and Node
  • Eye for detail
  • Strong communication
  • Team building.
  • Critical thinking 
  • Time and Task management 
  • Problem-solving approach 


1. What are the roles and responsibilities of an Angular developer?

We have already shared the roles and responsibilities of an angular developer.

2. What makes a good Angular developer?

Mastering JavaScript allows good developers to understand the basics of other frameworks. You can dive deep into the Angular framework. Angular developers should learn this framework. 

3. Is Angular the front end or the back end?

AngularJs is an open-source JavaScript front-end framework primarily used for developing Single Page Web Applications (SPAs). It’s a framework that continues to grow and expand, offering a better way to develop web applications.


Hiring an Angular front-end developer that perfectly aligns with your organization’s goals and responsibilities can be challenging. As there are many things you should know before hiring Angular developers. However, with the right talent agency like SourceBae, you can access top talent.

We match these candidates based on the roles and responsibilities of the Corner you seek.

Each candidate in our team goes through different rounds of interviews to reach the final stage. Whether you are looking for someone with basic Angular development skills or need a professional Angular developer to work on a large project, we have you covered!

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