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10 Best Youtuber for Javascript Learning

We live in an information age. People are increasingly open to sharing both free and paid expertise and information. With several venues for information exchange readily available, the rate of information consumption is likewise growing tremendously. There is excellent instructional material on YouTube for many different subjects. You may discover information on almost everything you wish to study for free from a variety of people willing to share their experiences. It may be difficult for a front-end programmer who loves and is passionate about JavaScript to locate valuable materials in the sea of internet video content.

Best 10 Youtuber for Javascript Learning

This article offers all you need if you’re seeking a way to learn and develop your JavaScript abilities. This post lists ten excellent YouTube channels where you may obtain high-quality information on both basic and complex JavaScript subjects. Let’s first examine what JavaScript is and the benefits of learning it.

Why You Should Learn JavaScript and What JavaScript Is? 

To put it simply, JavaScript is a scripting or programming language used to create interactive websites. You may use it to add sophisticated features to websites. JavaScript is utilized for more than just building web pages. Additionally, it may be used to create web-based games and, with specific frameworks, mobile applications for various operating systems. These features might include interactive maps, animated 2D/3D graphics, scrolling video jukeboxes, modals, animated 2D/3D graphics, timely content updates, etc.

JavaScript is the most popular and open-source, client-side scripting language. You may use it to add sophisticated features to websites. Instead of a static website that continually shows the same content, it allows you to construct more dynamic web pages.

Learning JavaScript is necessary if you want to thrive in your profession as a web developer or if you are currently working in the field. In addition to being user-friendly for beginners, JavaScript is the most popular programming language according to the TIOBE index. Thus it will continue to be useful for years to come. Demand for JavaScript developers has skyrocketed as more and more firms move their operations online. The ideal moment to learn JavaScript was yesterday; now is the perfect time to begin.

Importance Of JavaScript

The most crucial language for front-end developers to master is JavaScript. It’s an excellent first language in the world for web developers because:

  • JavaScript enables the dynamic nature of web programmes.
  • The use of JavaScript is beneficial when it comes to responsive design.
  • One of the best languages for backend and server-side development is JavaScript.

Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a vital component of every website’s framework:

  • The foundation of the website is HTML.
  • The website style is done with CSS.
  • The website becomes dynamic thanks to JavaScript, and you may add motion.

The abundance of available information might be overwhelming when you’re just starting to master the fundamentals of web programming. So to help you get started, provide some of my favorite learning resources for JavaScript in this guide. In this post, we’ll examine some of the top JavaScript YouTube channels, summarise the channel’s content or the creators’ projects, and present a sample video in case you find anything you enjoy. Picked the tracks based on word-of-mouth, subscriber count, and the primary subject, which is, of course, JavaScript.

1. Fun Fun Function 

Creator of the Fun Fun Function: Mattias Petter Johansson

Additional sources: DevTips

Rotation: At 8:00 GMT on Mondays, videos are released.

201K subscribers

JavaScript as a subject

Mattias Petter Johansson, also known as MPJ, has been a programmer for more than ten years, although he has only been on YouTube since 2015, or a little over four years. Nevertheless, he has built a strong reputation in the developer community, and more than 8 million people have watched his channel. MPJ has previously worked for companies including Absolut Vodka, Blackberry, and Spotify. Along with discussing JavaScript and technology, he hosts live stream interviews with seasoned programmers like Paul Lewis or Dan Abramov from the Core React Team, who was recently featured.

2. Wes Bos

Designer: Wes Bos

Podcast SyntaxFM is one more source.

79K subscribers

Web development tutorials for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress.

Full stack developer, mentor, speaker, and educator Wes Bos is from Canada. He has many courses on JavaScript, ES6, Reacts, and Node. On Wes’s YouTube channel, you may discover tutorials on broad subjects, including web development, Sublime Text, JavaScript—including the Vanilla JavaScript 30 Day Challenge, CSS Grid, and even live coding streams. Everything is relatively well categorized if you’re looking for a specific technology or language.

3. FreeCodeCamp

Creator of FreeCodeCamp:

Additional resources: freeCodeCamp Talks

971K subscribers

topic: website development (from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and Python)

This is’s official channel, which doesn’t need any introduction. Long tutorials on various technologies can last up to eleven hours on the Camp channel, which is filled with them. You may discover videos about anything relevant to web development, including Python, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, PenTesting, React, and JavaScript.

4. Mosh 

Moshfegh Hamedani, author of the Mosh programming language

different channels

445K subscribers

JavaScript, Python, C#, SQL, etc., are examples of topics.

If you enjoy his channel, check out Mosh’s website, where he offers a variety of courses and has gathered more than 200,000 students from 192 different countries over his 18 years as a professional teacher and trainer. Most of his films are relatively long, sometimes lasting up to eight hours. Many quick films try to address a specific issue or concern, so don’t worry if you feel that you don’t have enough time for lengthy training.

5. Traversy Media

Creator of Traversy Media: Brad Traversy

740K subscribers

The topic is tutorials for web development and programming using the newest web technologies, such as Node.js, Angular, React.js, PHP, Rails, HTML, and CSS.

Brad Traversy initially began creating websites for a business he founded called Tech Guys Web Solutions but soon realized his true love was teaching. He then decided to launch a YouTube channel, which became one of the most popular channels on the platform. More than 60 million people have seen and enjoyed Brad’s films, and 800,000 have subscribed to the channel. Both short and long films are offered; the longest, though, lasts for around two hours.

6. Acadmind

Creator of Acadmind: Maximilian Schwarzmüller

321K subscribers

JavaScript and frontend programming (Angular, Vue, React).

Although Max is perhaps best known for his Udemy classes on JavaScript, React, and Vue, you can learn just as much via his YouTube channel. Some of the content there may not be as in-depth as in his Udemy courses, but you’ll still have much knowledge of the process. He co-manages his YouTube channel with his partner, creating amazing lessons, crash courses, and videos on many aspects of web development, particularly JavaScript, React, Angular, and Vue.

7. The Coding Train

Daniel Shiffman is the author of The Coding Train.

different channels

rotation: regular live broadcasts

808K subscribers

Java, JavaScript, and generative algorithms creative coding tutorials

Every week, Daniel Shiffman publishes what he refers to as a creative coding video on this YouTube channel, where he teaches anything from very fundamental programming to more complex topics like physics modelling, computer vision, and data visualization. You may also discover some fun coding challenges and in-depth and extended lessons on some more complex subjects, such as utilizing the TensorFlow.js Layers API with the JavaScript vanilla neural network library.

8. Hitesh Choudhary

Hitesh Choudhary, creator

366K are subscribers.

Programming, penetration testing, and the creation of websites and mobile apps

India-based instructor Hitesh Choudhary instructs programmers from around the world in several programming languages (both free and paid). Visit his website,, to learn more about him and perhaps sign up for a course. There are many videos on his YouTube channel. Most are brief (up to 20 minutes) but highly educational.

9. The Net Ninja.

Shaun Pelling created The Net Ninja.

284K subscribers

Subject: Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Vue.js, React, etc. tutorials

Shaun is competent in teaching what he has already learned because he has been programming for half his life. Please check out his numerous Udemy courses here: Udemy of Shaun. He teaches a variety of languages and technologies, including Node.js, Vue, React, Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML, and CSS, but JavaScript is his area of expertise. The videos on the channel are only a few minutes long, generally under ten minutes, and Shaun tries to teach a specific topic, feature, or aspect of the language. Nevertheless, some of the tutorials are rather long—roughly an hour.

10. Techsith.

Hemel Patel created Techsith.

Other channels: InfoSith and InterviewNest

74K subscribers

Topics: JavaScript and React

If you enjoy Techsith, you should also check out some of Hemil’s other channels (listed above). Hemel is a writer and educator from California. He hosts meetings where he teaches JavaScript Interview skills and maintains a few groups on Facebook and Linkedin, and hosts these groups. Check out his JavaScript course on Udemy if you’re interested. The channel offers brief courses (up to 30 minutes) on React, Node, Angular, and JavaScript, as well as a few JavaScript Interview questions discussed at different lengths on Hemil’s other channel, InterviewNest.

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